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Hon. Guenter A. Rieger, Newsletters during my terms as Grand Knight, St. James Council 4949 (2010-2012) and                                                    Faithful Navigator for the Msgr. John Miles Assembly 2064 (2014 - 2016)

History of my websites  (Knight of Charity) 

and my new improved website (Knight of Justice)

Both websites with Angel numbers.

Communication methods have changed with Internet, cell phones and other electronic devises who make it possible to have information very quickly at hand. The younger generation and the rest of us, almost 80% or more, using such communication tools.

Therefore I designed a website to inform Catholic men, exspecially our younger generation about the Knights of Columbus, including St.James Council 4949 and other content of my choice.

It was the first web presence for St. James Council 4949. During the next two years I was able to make improvements, added videos etc., which I have also included in my new website at

After two terms (2010-2012) I retired as Grand Knight of St. James Council 4949 June 30th 2012.

The new Grand Knight of St. James Council 4949 created a new website, designed and administrated by his son from his home in Arizona,USA.

Here is a link to the Official website of St. James Council 4949.

Click here

To keep memories and content collected during my two terms as Grand Knights of St. James Council 4949 alive, I have decided to contiune with my website website called "Guenter A. Rieger, Knights of Columbus member Council 4949.

Some pages contain content from my website which I have designed in 2010 showing activities and events of St. James Council 4949. Copies of St. James Council's 4949 monthly newsletter (2010-2012) are also posted on this site.

Since I'm involved in different charities I have also included al content in my new website at

Thanks for visiting my sites, and thanks foryour commitment working with us all for unity and peace in a confused world.

God bless.


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